Autor Thema: Get a 4K OLED Dell G7 gaming laptop with Core i7, 16 GB RAM, and GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics for only $1300 USD  (Gelesen 290 mal)


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It's rare to find a gaming laptop with OLED display options and it's even more rare to find one that's also on a sale. This Dell system aims to satisfy both gamers and professionals who can appreciate the DCI-P3 colors.


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They're still selling those inefficient, power hog intel machines.


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For games, too weak hardware and ridiculous 60Hz on the screen, for work, a flickering OLED is not quite what is needed for long-term work behind a screen with text and graphics. It turns out neither this nor that and it costs exactly as much as it costs. About 1.5 years ago it would have been WOW, but now it's just an ordinary laptop that doesn't stand out in anything special, and with a not very good screen for the eyes.

It would be better if Dell put the newest panels from AUO IPS 4k/120Hz with miniLED backlight Flicker Free, there would be much more use ... and a as working tool for home working and play old releases before 2020 with fast response panel and control loop responsiveness.

Daniel Ridenhour

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As a content creator I'm not a huge fan of OLED flicker but I'm a huge fan of infinite contrast, deep blacks and a lot less blue light shot at my eyeballs all day.   120hz would be better...   

But given all that...  of every screen I have in laptop, desktop and tablet my 60hz Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 OLED screen is consistently the best I have available.


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