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FTC leaks: CEO Phil Spencer muses on taking over Nintendo, Valve and Warner Brothers, or else it is game over for Xbox

Started by Redaktion, September 22, 2023, 18:19:57

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FTC's investigation on the Activision / Blizzard acquisition reveals that the Xbox business is not looking too good. CEO of MS Gamin Phil Spencer believes the business model needs to change in order to survive this decade, and one way to do this could come through more acquisitions. leaked emails from 2020 show Spencer is eying Nintendo and Valve, possibly even Warner Brothers.


He just admitted that he can't make games, and almost all Microsoft studios haven't been able to attract people like Nintendo did with the Switch. The fundamental problem at Microsoft is that they no longer use their brains; they just want to acquire other companies rather than create a great collection of games that can attract a wide range of customers. If you look at Microsoft nowadays, you will notice that it's not just Xbox or the entertainment sector. but even their operating system is copying the Apple style, and their devices are outdated. In essence, they have lost innovation and creativity and seem to believe that they can solve everything with money. By the way, most of the studios they have acquired in the last decade have failed under the Microsoft umbrella. So, even if they were to acquire a big company like Nintendo, it wouldn't end well.


The other commenter here is just another obviously r******* brainless lifeless troll who's obviously always wrong on everything & anyone who believes that phil soencer said that is a gullible f*** xbox is obviously not going the sega route,they will stay here forever making the best games & the only ones not outdated unlike Sony,Nintendo & the trolls,these are facts.


I don't see the FTC allowing the acquisition of Nintendo.  Studios are one thing, but that's the acquisition of a whole competitor in the field with its own hardware, platforms, and ecosystem. That would literally be reducing competition and choice. In a field where 3 have beeen competitive for nearly 25 years, disrupting that would be detrimental IMO.

It's not like Nintendo is in danger of imminent failure and needs to be acquired.  This is MS trying to save its bacon due to its own missteps.

Too many exclusives will probably end up causing damage to everyone. A few on each brings people to the platform, but I don't think many will spring for both a PS5 AND an Xbox. Nintendo's in a unique position that it's priced well enough that people will buy it as a secondary platform. It's portable, and has familiar and unique IP people are willing to pay for.

I have a PS5, but anything I want to play that MS offers, like Starfield, I play on the PC. They're probably their own worst competitior there.

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