Author Topic: Lenovo laptops with the Ryzen 7 3700U run 58 percent faster than HP laptops with the exact same processor  (Read 2404 times)


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An HP facepalm. Of the four laptops we've tested so far with AMD's latest Zen+ CPU, the two HP models perform noticeably slower than the two Lenovo models because of better temperature and clock rate management on the latter systems according to our own findings.


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If you add the E495, T495 and T495s to the chart, you'll see a huge effect of thermal throttling on the T series when compared to E series.  If you also add the T490 and  T490s, and  T480 and T480s, performance seems to be going backwards.


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It's HP I don't know why anybody would expect different results.


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Could you please add the STAPM limits and power limits of those devices? You can find them when profiling with the AMD uProf utility.


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Wow HP this is worse then some of the throttling with Macbook's. I've noticed that many thin notebooks generally don't expect users to work out their CPU's in real world use. Sure benchmarks will show which notebooks handle it better then others. But truth is, the cooling is typically less effective on a thin notebook. I think too many OEM's are overly obsessed with reducing noise and increasing battery life and so they are not aggressive with fan operation. I think they depend on the throttling to protect the CPU and unless you are benching the performance, many won't even notice throttling anyway.


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Nice discovery, it really useful for ones seeking for new APU notebook.

I found Lenovo E595 got best CPU-about score, but worst graphic performance, within the four notebooks. What limits the E595's graphic performance? Will it be discussed in the upcoming review?


  • Guest`s benchmark result on HP laptops is probably with "HP recommended" power profile. With "Performance" profile the results is better in review on YouTube channel "Jagat Review".


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You do have to consider that the HP laptop is 13" compared to 15.6" and it is a convertible vs a regular laptop


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Would the performance difference be also visible on Linux?

Timothy William Edgin

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The RAM is locked to 933 Mhz no matter what RAM is in it. Horrible memory performance.


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