Author Topic: NZ startup launches the minimalist BoringPhone anti-smartphone on Kickstarter  (Read 565 times)


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A New Zealand startup has launched the BoringPhone on Kickstarter. As described, the phone is designed to be the anti-smartphone with the look of a smartphone, but without all the distracting apps that can just end up wasting precious time.

Gege Pandhega

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That's definitely Xiaomi Mi A1 or Mi 5X running custom ROM.

Alex - BoringPhone

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Yes! Well spotted. It's the Mi A1. We've built and installed our custom OS so it's ready to go out of the box


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Ugh, didn't wanna be rude or what, but so we pay the custom ROM that you guys mafe for more than a half of the price of the phone (Xiaomi Mi A1 costs $150 in Aliexpress per 17/06/2019) in which it's just a customed custom ROM, Lineage? C'mon!

If I may give an advice, why don't you use a phone with AMOLED screen? That will get along really well with the B&W theme of the rom

Considering Mi A1's age, then it won't be a problem to use old Galaxy J series

Alex - BoringPhone

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From our point of view, the value added is in the customised software with ongoing updates.

The Mi A1 is sometimes available at a discount, but installing a custom ROM is probably beyond tech ability of most people (although probably not the average Notebook Chat reader!)

I agree that is probably less useful for people who are already installing custom ROMs. However, even then most ROMs are focused on adding features.

We did look at other base phone options, but Mi A1 appeared best in terms of quality, availability, etc.

I don't consider it rude for you to ask the tough questions! We really believe this could be a useful option, so putting it out into the world - including taking on all feedback


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should've called it the Minimal, Plain or Clean phone. Boring phone sounds very unappealing even to it's intended market, even a minimalist wouldn't want a "boring" phone if that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Alex - BoringPhone

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I do quite like CleanPhone! The idea with using "Boring" is a little ironic, and was kind of locked in a while ago.  I do kind of wish we had done some A/B testing on named right at the start to confirm what names might have the broadest appeal. Hopefully the connotation won't be too strong, but reviewing the name may be an option


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Nuts. This looks like it combines the worst features of a smart phone and a dumb phone with the best features of neither. I'll keep my flip, thank you.


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