Author Topic: 12-core AMD Ryzen engineering sample rips through UserBenchmark and scores over 99%  (Read 395 times)


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An engineering sample of an upcoming AMD processor has been spotted on UserBenchmark. This particular chip has visited the benchmark before, back in January, but it seems it has received some improvements in the meantime. The sample is believed to be connected to AMD’s “Matisse” Ryzen 3000 series of Zen 2 desktop processors.


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This is really great news. Hopefully the laptop versions of Zen2 come out better than the current generation (which have very bad battery consumption) and we can start seeing some real competition in that area, especially taking into consideration that half the computers sold are laptops, and most of those are currently Intel.


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Agreed, I'm sick that AMD only has 4 mobile cores on the laptop market, so tired of waiting for powerful and portable laptops from them, hence why I bought a 6 core i7 8750h laptop, which is pretty much perfect.


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My 6600k gets 102%


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