Author Topic: The LG V35 ThinQ is now receiving the Android Pie update, LG V30 to follow soon  (Read 487 times)


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The LG V35 ThinQ is now receiving the Android Pie update in certain markets. The device, alongside the V40 ThinQ and V30 were scheduled to receive Pie this quarter, and we expect the two of them to get their share of Pie in the coming weeks. Users of the V20 will, of course, have to wait until Q3.


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Yeah, it's been quite a wait that's for sure.  Never thought back when I bought the V35 back in September that I'd be waiting 7 months for it to be christened into Android Pie.

I've stayed with LG for the HiFi DAC mostly, but now I'm getting the feeling it might be time to move on to another brand for my next device.


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I don't know what is the hold up but LG is taking long for the v35 to receive pie update...I bought a couple of pixel phones one is running on the pie software and the other is on Android Q beta 3 software... I'm more likely am not going to use my LG V35 phone again


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LG V30
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Lg is to slow in rolling major updates the their flagship phones, i think is time a move to Huawei or Oneplus products.


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