Author Topic: The Huawei P30 Pro's stunning promotional zoom photos were taken with a DSLR after all  (Read 125 times)


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Huawei released a bunch of promotional images for the P30 Pro last week. These images all showed incredible zoom and the public may have been fooled into believing them to be a display of the P30 Pro's purported 10x hybrid zoom. Well, those images were taken by a DSLR.


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Lol again, this is getting ridiculous for them.  It's funny that their cameras are good in all price ranges, especially in sharpness imo. Also while zooming in in certain samples of the review of the mate 20 pro (the 4th) you can see that all the objects appear blurred but this is true also when the photo is not zoomed. In this regard their mid range phones do much better. There also seems to be difficluties in transitioning between the red and white, so that i don't see the tea bag clearly. What all this behaviour of huawei could be due to?


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