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Author Topic: 250 scientists sign petition warning of dangers posed by AirPods, other wireless devices  (Read 2431 times)


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Concerns have been raised by a group of scientists about the possible carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by modern devices. Of particular concern are wireless headphones like Apple’s popular AirPods as they sit in the ear canal exposing fragile tissue to potentially dangerous levels of radiation.


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Good that you mention it.
People are worried about the health impact of airpods lol..

What about 5G then?
How come none of the tech websites IN THE WORLD did relay the only study about cellphone radiation (only 2 and 3G), undertaken for the US-FDA/National Toxicology Program (NTP) for almost 20 years! available on the NTP website "Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation"


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(following previous comment)
NTP Studies & Findings:

NTP conducted toxicology studies in rats and mice to help clarify potential health hazards, including cancer risk, from exposure to RFR like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones.

What did the studies find?

The NTP studies found that high exposure to RFR used by cell phones was associated with:

    Clear evidence of tumors in the hearts of male rats. The tumors were malignant schwannomas.
    Some evidence of tumors in the brains of male rats. The tumors were malignant gliomas.
    Some evidence of tumors in the adrenal glands of male rats. The tumors were benign, malignant, or complex combined pheochromocytoma.

For female rats, and male and female mice, it was unclear if tumors observed in the studies were associated with RFR used by cell phones. This is also known as equivocal evidence.

The final conclusions represent the consensus between NTP and a panel of external scientific experts who thoroughly reviewed the draft NTP technical reports at a public meeting in March 2018.

The results are based on NTP’s four categories of evidence that a substance may cause cancer: clear evidence (highest), some evidence, equivocal evidence, no evidence (lowest).

Alec Smithie

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It's non ionizing radiation you uneducated potatoes.


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There are signatures from UC and Harvard, among other credible sources, I would tend to think that nobody there in a particular field would make any stupid mistakes in their field and leave their signature to confirm their stance...
There's been consensus on non-ionizing radiation for many years now but there does seem to be lack of strong evidence...


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Thank you very much for raising awareness!
We are clearly over-exposed everyday... and even when you turn off your WiFi, there is still the neighbors' ...

Michael Morgan

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Radio waves are everywhere. Even if you don't use a cell phone, radio waves from thousands of sources, TV &Radio for example, are everywhere. Even if you don't have any of these devices, there are radio waves coming from space. We would have to return to the dark ages and have no electricity and there would still be radio waves from lightening.
More junk science, ''scientists'' looking for funding.  Nonsense.


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