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Author Topic: Windows on Snapdragon doesn't solve the underlying issue of Windows ARM  (Read 1151 times)


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Based on our experience with the $1000 Lenovo Yoga C630 powered by a Snapdragon 850, software reliability is still a huge hit or miss on Windows 10 Pro. Qualcomm's grand plans for Windows on Snapdragon is off to a slow and rough start.

M. Faisal Kemal

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any chance to benchmark adreno 630 GPU on Windows On Arm with 3dmark Night Raid?

i curious how good adreno 630 GPU compare to other windows gpu like intel, nvidia, and amd.

3dmark night raid optimized for x86 and arm by the way.


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I could have told you this.

Emulation/translation layers will never be better than how it is today. Any other belief is a mere fantasy. You are trying to run code that's optimized for a specific hardware with one that's radically different. This is why compatibility issues will always exist.

The only way Qualcomm will ever get full compatibility with x86 is if they get the ability to manufacture chips with the x86 ISA.


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I suppose just skip any of the processing-heavy applications and for average office work it would still suffice?

Andreas Rønne-Hansen

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I believe there is a huge potential in WOA
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2019, 22:05:32 »
It would be very interesting if it was possible to combine an ARM and x86 CPU - i.e. run Windows on the ARM CPU, but being able to run x86 native code on the co-processor.

Thus it would be possible to get very, very long batterylife for light tasks, and not be bogged Down at other times.

I know this will be very complicated, but it would really give some interesting devices.

Furthermore i hope Windows on ARM gets to some smaller devices, like the good old UMPC's. This would be really usefull due to the long batterylife, and possible smaller and thinner profiles.

Just a laptop with ARM, is not of much use in my opinion.


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Actually the chips based on atom do much better than their Core chips already. The N5000 does pretty good in battery life.

Intel's Ice Lake chips are supposed to have nice advances in the power management department, so we may be able to get ARM-level battery life without sacrificing compatibility or performance.


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This Windows on Snapdragon stuff would never work in this current guise.

1. Software will need to be rewritten for ARM for its performance to be acceptable (or pleasant). Emulation is just too much overhead. Not to mention buggy and "crashy"!

This is the same way that all that talk about Apple's ARM chips being better or faster absolutely nonsense. They will face the same issues if they try to run x86 apps on their A-Whatever chips - buggy and crashing all the time.

The software world must be persuaded to rewrite everything. Then again, conversely, such software rewritten for Android/ARM might run much better on Windows running Bluestacks!

2. The pricing is ridiculous and plain predatory. ARM chips are so much smaller & cheaper so why does this cost more than a low end x86 laptop?

3. AMD's Renoir APU on 7nm Zen 2 and Navi will be a much better solution. Just half a year away!


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