Author Topic: Chuwi Ubook 2-in-1 will be a cheaper version of the Microsoft Surface Go  (Read 852 times)


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The Windows detachable combines the U-shaped metal kickstand of the Spectre x2 and the Alcantara look of the Surface Pro keyboard with a passively-cooled Core m3 processor. Chuwi is promising a retail price of just under $400 if the Kickstarter proves to be successful.


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16:9 display - no way  :-\

dennis dickerson

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I bought a Huawei matebook E. i love it. but this Chuwi device has turned my head.


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Core M3 is welcome but the 30Wh battery is not gonna fix the too small 29Wh battery of the Surface GO. 16:9 display is a no go in 2019

I've got the Surface GO and hardly reach 5 hours battery life, I'd like to use Edge to improve on that but the bookmark sync only works sporadic on all my 3 Win10 devices and there are many other bugs


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Doesn't it have the 6Y30? That's in the Pro 4, not 2017, right?


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400 bucks in my hand now, looking for a reliable budget laptop or 2-in-1 tablet, any recommendation?

I posted for this several days ago. Thank you guys so much for giving me advices. I was almost about to order that F7 Plus from Teclast...


Today CHUWI just drop a bomb on Kickstarter... A 2-in-1 windows tablet called Ubook, with Core M processor, 8GB ram, and 128GB solid state drive, at the price tag of only $349.99(only for the top500 tho)! They finally get rid of the 4GB ram and crappy eMMC storage and released a device that has almost everything I want at this price. Plus, the storage can be expanded to 1 terabyte, which can be very useful for me to put all my CAD drawing and psd files in it.

So, guys, what should I do? Buy the F7 Plus right now, or wait for another month to get the Ubook from Kickstarter??


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Doesn't it have the 6Y30? That's in the Pro 4, not 2017, right?

No,it equipped with N4100 and the 6Y30

James Masters

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I searched tablets under 400 and found the TECLAST TBOOK selling at $399 and I thought it was the same as this until I looked closer and find that it just 64GB of internal storage, But that’s not even the worse part. Both the Keyboard and Pen come separately so that’s an extra $80. So no, I will not be getting that and instead wait for this to launch. After all its just a few weeks.

Philip Undigi

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Got to say its harder and harder to get value for money with all the mini pc and tablets out these days but like you said, can’t really find someone else that has all the above in one offer instead of trying to make more money by selling the keyboard and pen separately. But I guess that’s the economy we live in. So thumbs up to Chuwi

Grace Mat

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I like the niche Chuwi has carved out for themselves, they produce devices that is accessible to the masses. Plus, you get more than the basic set of functionalities. So seeing an under $400 tablet was both a pleasant surprise and a confirmation that the company is sticking to its core values. The spec sheet seems within what you would expect of such a device but with 8GB of ram instead of 4GB and that’s a good thing.

Donald Klist

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Can’t say I have used their products before but I do like the amount of internal storage and memory being offered. It is more that is being offered for a used or refurbished Surfacec pro on Amazon and those devices seem to cost upwards of $500 making this a far better choice. So waiting for the launch and will see what people say when someone had had a hands on experience with the device.

Dreak Clint

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I have had the Chuwi H11 for a while now and its not been the best but it has managed to perform adequately, so much so that I did not think about replacing it until now. I like the look of this new Ubook and will be getting one after its launch. Read a post saying it will be go for around $350 pre-ordered so hoping to be one of the first to get it.


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