Author Topic: Xiaomi Pro & Gaming notebooks just over 40% off in pre-Black Friday sale  (Read 214 times)


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The Pro and Gaming versions of Xiaomi Mi Notebooks are between 41 and 42% off on Gearbest for the peri-Black Friday period. These notebooks have up to 16GB of RAM and either i5 or i7 processors. The Gaming variant, which comes with a GTX 1060 GPU, may be a good option if Thunderbolt or G-Sync are not a priority.


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Are these official channels? Those seem immensely more expensive than the domestic Chinese price, with the "discounts" applied the price would be just on par with the original Chinese price, still nothing impressive. The original $2000 for 1060 seem total ripoffs, especially since Xiaomi should price their ware like barebones (those are essentially the same anyway).


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