Author Topic: Intel's commissioned 9900k benchmarks have serious flaws, says PC hardware reviewer  (Read 588 times)


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When Intel commissioned Principled Technologies to benchmark their as of yet unreleased i9 9900k CPU, many voices in the tech press spoke out against such a practice, saying it "undermines what we do" and that "it's fucked up. Full stop." Now, more reliable figures have come out, and it seems like Principled Technologies did not run an unbiased test.


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Translation: The cheating done by Principled Technologies matches the cheating done in our own labs. We hope that other 3rd party reviewers also help us cheat the benchmarks as well in the coming weeks.

Still the best...

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Although this is  a reprehensible move from Intel to hamstring the AMD system by such a large degree (by enabling Game Mode that's only intended for Threadripper, and using non-optimised RAM) it will still remain true that the 9900K will be the best gaming CPU.  They didn't need to scupper the AMD systems like they did, they should have set them up optimally like the Intel system, and the 9900K would have still come up on top by a significant margin - all they achieved by trying to cheat was a devaluation of their product, not a smart move!


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@Still the best - because they needed to justify why the 9900k is about 2X the price. If they showed 50% performance they could justify it, but 15% performance, not so much.

You would be better off spending more on a gpu.


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