Author Topic: Gamer opens fire, kills two and injures eleven at a Madden eSports tournament in Jacksonville, Florida  (Read 250 times)


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David Katz, a 24-year old gamer opened fire at a Madden eSports tournament in Jacksonville, Florida killing two players and injuring eleven others. The players had gathered at the GLHF Game Bar to compete for qualifying in the advanced stages of the tournament when this tragic incident occurred. Police are investigating the case and a possible motive behind the incident has not yet been released.


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This kind story is out of order for this kind of website. There's plenty of news sources reporting the same incident already.

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They do have articles about electronics and gaming events and conventions, so it isn't too far off to report a tragedy at a gaming event. Although this seemed to be a small preliminary competition, let's say theoretically for example if they were going to write an article about the results of the final competition but if a shooting occurred there and the games were cancelled, should the writer simply write nothing since there were no winners, or write about the shooting?


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