Author Topic: The Huawei MateBook D with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is now available in the US  (Read 1390 times)


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The Huawei MateBook D was refreshed a few weeks ago at Computex to include a Ryzen 5 2500U and a Vega 8. The 14-inch laptop is now available in the US and offers excellent value for money as is usual with devices in the series.


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When are the reviews!!!!!!!!!


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Yea, when are we gonna get a review ;)?

  • *What type of USB Type-C is it? (Gen.1 or Gen. 2)

    *Does it support displayport over its USB-C?
The booklet I got with mine was very lacking on details unfortunately. Would love to know if i can use a laptop dock to charge and connect to a large monitor, all through the type-c.


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