Author Topic: Huawei announces decision to permanently end support for bootloader unlocks  (Read 262 times)


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Huawei has announced its decision to end official support for bootloader unlocks. Devices released after May 24 will not be eligible for unlocks, while those already released will have that option closed to them in 60 days.


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This is news? Here is an e-mail I have from October 2016 from when I first found that Huawei's bootloader unlock page didn't work for me.

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Huawei Device USA. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your device. When it comes to bootloading and rooting, we are unable to offer support or help with the process. Rooting and bootloading will void the warranty and alter the system settings, it's this process which makes us unable to support the device. I understand the site customers were using is no longer working or has been having errors from what I've heard. However, we are not able to offer assistance with this site due to the complications it has brought to the devices.
Also, the P9 is an international mode. I am going to send you a link to contact international support.
xxxx [notebookchat doesn't allow me to post the link to the support page]

Best Regards
Michelle M
Huawei Device USA"

Was the site actually working for people since then? I could have saved money by not buying a third-party unlock token.


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