Author Topic: DxOMark awards the LG V30 a disappointing score of 82, and we're leery  (Read 1024 times)


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The LG V30 has made its way over to DxOMark. The device manages a rack up a total score of 82, with an underwhelming score of 73 in the video department making us leery of the entire evaluation criterion.


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Some of DxO marks are thought-provoking at least.. Many people do write complaints in their comment section.

As to cell phones photo outcomes, there is website with photo quality comparison tool. Very useful.


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True, but they are right about low light videos, they are noisy. There is also that output experience, like 950XL got in videos in low light, they are over-saturated but without noise and overal result is better than some score.


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As the owner of several LG phones, I can say the problem with their products is poor quality control. Their phones always look good on paper and in theory, but the real world execution is where they often fall short of the mark. Scan the posts from LG owners and find that for some the phones deliver as promised or they're bug-plagued headaches. I own an LG V20 and found myself ready for an upgrade I had to count the V30 out. After LG did away with all of the features that made the brand stand apart from the rest and became more Samsung/Apple-like, I decided to cut out the middle man and get a Note 8. The larger aperture and glass lens were supposed to bring the smartphone camera game to a whole new level but the end product has been a disappointment according to some.


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