Author Topic: Asus Transformer Book T102HA (x5-Z8350, 4 GB, 128 GB) Convertible Review  (Read 1017 times)


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A straightforward concept. The requirements for a convertible that functions as your daily companion are high. Apart from a fully functioning Windows operating system, performance and battery runtimes need ot be good too. A bright display and solid build should also be included - and all this ideally for a good price. Asus has a solution to offer: The Transformer Book.


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I will never understand your rating logic. This device is so old and poor, that i'm surprized about your score.


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1280 x 800

What year is this?


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This is a wonderful device. I've used it as a resident doctor while running up and down the stairs in the hospital and it works well to chart and look up patient information. Wifi is strong. Can play old games like Diablo 2 and even Diablo 3 on low settings. The battery life is insane. It's also lighter than any of its competitors. Too bad AMD doesn't have a low powered Ryzen APU that can compete.


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