Author Topic: Eureka! The Intel Management Engine can be finally disabled, thanks to the NSA  (Read 635 times)


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Researchers have finally found a way to disable a much hated component of Intel CPUs — the Intel Management Engine, thanks in part to the NSA's High Assurance Platform (HPA) program.


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The ME implements something called Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) that is capable of accessing any memory address unbeknownst to the main CPU

Das soll ein deutsch-englisches Syndrom sein, oder?

vielen Dank :)


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Or maybe not! Just found that unbeknownst is a legit word. My bad due to be an ESL speaker.


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Has anyone tried inputting the Konami code to see if it disables it?   ;D

Bob Doe

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Mistake in article:

The Intel ME firmware is not encrypted with RSA 2048, rather, it is signed with RSA 2048. There's a significant difference.


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