Author Topic: Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) (Core m3, 128GB, 4GB) Convertible Review  (Read 3041 times)


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Affordable Surface! Although it is already the second half of 2017, Microsoft presents the latest Surface based on a frugal Core m3 processor with connectivity that is still in need of reworking. Find out in this review whether the long battery life and the established brand name are enough to win buyers.

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This article begs for comparison against Surface Pro 4 m3 version, instead of some random Samsung devices.
And a very big minus should be a 4GB or RAM, it's just a joke in 2017


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nonono that's not thermal throttling at 62C. That's power throttling because of the minuscule 4.5W TDP

De Setta

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surface pro 2017 m3 vs surface pro 4 m3

review surface pen new. Their compatibility with display of other companies.


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I was really looking to find the USB-Type C in New Surface Pro 2017. :D

It is a shame that Microsoft did included just one USB 3.0.
How do they think the user should copy the files from one external HDD to another?

Or from Flashdrive to HDD? Or from flashdrive to flshdrive?
This is the main concern, ain't it unbelieveable?  ???


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