Author Topic: Acer shows new high-end gaming notebooks Predator 15, Predator 17, and the Predator Gaming Tablet  (Read 1221 times)


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Though initially just a rumor earlier this week, Acer is now officially entering the high-end gaming notebook market. Acer’s boss Jason Chen just showed two new gaming notebooks at the [email protected] event in New York. Also: An Android gaming tablet for ultramobile gamers.


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While I don't want to use the word ugly, but this is complete opposite of their Nitro series. Maybe the final models have a better finish than mockups, but still....Alienware is setting an example by thinning notebooks cm by cm while still allowing some thermal headroom. Whereas gigabyte is trying to fit 980m-esque hardware in near ultrabook class chassis.

And yes, then there is issue of discrete styling Asus.
Acer needs to do something unique....(like the external pcie 4x lane on Alienware or thunderbolt ports...etc etc)


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Chances are that Acer will compete with aggressive starting prices instead of adding unique hardware features


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