Author Topic: Review Update Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E145-20BC000UGE Notebook  (Read 1994 times)


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Notebook for students. The Thinkpad Edge E145 delivers long battery runtimes and excellent input devices. This makes it ideal for those users who have to do desk work outside of offices and homes. We will scrutinize the computer in our review.


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I picked up a Thinkpad Edge e130 a few months back. Found it in a small second hand pc shop in Singapore and in the end only costed me 200EUR. i5, 7200rpm HDD, 4gb ram. I love this little machine to bits, especially for the price (and the perfect state it was in) I managed to buy it for.

Re: Review Update Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E145-20BC000UGE Notebook
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2017, 11:20:28 »
I´m not sure how suitable it is for student. After 1 year of everyday use in school hinges broke, Lenovo repair shop fixed it and after another year they broke again. Fortunately it was still in warranty. I´m just waiting when it will brake again.

Apart from that it works well.


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