Author Topic: Review Clevo P370SM-A (Schenker XMG P724) Barebones Notebook  (Read 2506 times)


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Chasing records. Schenker Technologies wants to offer the fastest desktop replacement with the XMG P724. The bulky 17-inch chassis can be configured with up to four storage drives and two high-end graphics cards. But does such a package make sense, or is a single GPU sufficient for passionate gamers? Our review of the GeForce GTX 880M SLI gives the answer.

Nice Review

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Re: Review Clevo P370SM-A (Schenker XMG P724) Barebones Notebook
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2014, 09:33:18 »
This notebook is a beast, and seems quite reasonable money in comparison to some sli high end notebooks like the Alienware 18.

Nice review, I particularly liked how you explained the comparatively low effect of sli due to CPU limitations in some games, when contrasting it against the strong performance advantage of sli with lower powered GPU's.  Also thought your advice was spot on about sensibly buying a single GPU notebook & saving the money towards the next notebook.

One thing though, why do you guys continue to use Furmark to stress test your GPU's.  It's completely unrepresentative of normal gaming use (it's a power virus effectively), so has no value, in fact it can be argued that running Furmark is detrimental - it can place unnecessary stress on GPU's and shorten GPU's life, so I don't think it's smart to give the impression to consumers that they should be running Furmark regularly to check their GPU's performance.  I do like that you used Crysis 3 as a comparison though for showing any potential throttling.  For future reviews why don't you scrap Furmark, and maybe just choose Crysis 3 as your throttling test (assuming that it's the most demanding real world case).


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Re: Review Clevo P370SM-A (Schenker XMG P724) Barebones Notebook
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2014, 21:16:28 »
Very interesting read! I have the predecessor P370SM3 with GTX 780m SLI and the 120Hz 3D Vision display. Unlike the review model, my notebook is very quiet at idle, noticeable only when there is absolutely no background noise. Also, I am getting a slightly higher score of 12700 in 3D mark fire strike standard graphics at 960/2850 MHz overclock. Perhaps the 880m does experience slight throttling in ordinary use? Still, this is one beast of a notebook, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.


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