Author Topic: Review Schenker XIRIOS B502 (Clevo W155EU) Notebook  (Read 1395 times)


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Chameleon? Schenker offers an inexpensive and very freely configurable business notebook based on the Clevo W551EU Barebone. Does the endless competition leave room for such an alternative?


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Re: Review Schenker XIRIOS B502 (Clevo W155EU) Notebook
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2013, 13:06:37 »
I had very high hopes for this laptop. I'm somewhat disappointed with the battery life especially as it's so much worse than the Samsung Series 7 that gets 10 hours surfing on WLAN despite having one of the most powerful mobile video chips around (see Factoring in the difference in battery (62 Wh vs 91 Wh) I would have expected 6 hours at the very least.


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