Author Topic: AMD announces new A-Series APU codenamed ‘Richland’  (Read 1083 times)


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AMD’s new Elite A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) for notebooks are ready to replace the barely year-old Trinity platform. The four new 35W APUs are built on 32nm technology, offering slightly higher turbo clock rates and Radeon HD 8000 series GPUs.


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Re: AMD announces new A-Series APU codenamed ‘Richland’
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2013, 21:34:10 »
Its nice to see AMD hasn't given up.  Hopefully they have their next generation C-series parts ready soon so they can really start competing in the windows 8 tablet market.  However, it looks like 10W TDP chips based on Haswell as well as next generation Atom chips will be hot on AMD's heels (and probably with better performance/battery life).  But if AMD is close in the performance/battery life game they can always play the price card and provide a great value to consumers. 


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