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Review Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330 Notebook

Started by Redaktion, November 03, 2012, 19:30:28

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Another try. This is the third attempt by Lenovo in the mean time to make the affordable 13 inch ThinkPad Edge into a blockbuster in the entry level business segment. A slightly reworked case and improved stability are supposed to make the differences this time around. The question is whether it will be third time lucky?



First of all, thanks for all your very detailed laptop reviews, they have proven very helpful. I'm looking for a laptop for work (I'm a student, writing a PhD), and your website has been the only one able to answer my questions concerning my purchase.

That being said, I have another question. I want to buy the Edge E330, which seems to have all I wish for in a laptop. On Lenovo's website, there's the option to upgrade to the i5 processor for about 80€. Would that induce a significant rise in performance? And if so, would it be at the expense of battery life and quietness?

Also, I'm considering upgrading this laptop's harddrive by switching to a SSD. Could you tell me which SSD models would be compatible with it?

Thanks again for your reviews, and thanks in advance for your answers,


hi Clement,

Unless if your primary intention for the notebook is for constant CPU-intensive workloads, then the default i3 CPU will suffice and with sufficient processing headroom if needed. The 80€ should instead be spent on a SSD, where the jump in general system performance will be much more tangible than the i5 CPU upgrade.

SSDs are much cheaper now than they were a year ago and 80€ can get you at the very least 120 GB of storage through online retailers. Any SATA2/SATA3 2.5-inch consumer-grade SSD should be compatible with the E330.

Hope this helps in your decision, and thanks for the feedback


Hello and thank you for the review. I bought the E330 and I don't want to miss it anymore. I just have to add a point to the FN and Ctrl Key. They can be swapped in the BIOS so it's much more comfortable to work with.


Hello again,

Thanks again for the advice, now I'm definitely buying this laptop. Especially if it is possible to swap the Fn and control keys, which I was slightly worried about :)

Don't know if I'm going to keep reading your website once I'll have bought my laptop, but I'll definitely direct people over here.

All the best,

Michele Riso

Hello, thanks for your great review ! :) is it possible to see a photo of the screen in an INDOOR environment ? Thanks in advance  :)


Just a heads up for anyone thinking of buying this laptop and a SSD for it. Despite what the article says, not all SSDs will fit. I bought an intel 330 (with a measured height of 9.5mm) which DOES NOT fit. Now, luckily I had a samsung 830 (7mm height) in my desktop and will be putting that into the laptop instead.


After double-checking with the reviewer, the official Lenovo ThinkPad E330 page claims 9.5mm drives may fit into the E330:

However, the instruction manual claims only 7mm drives will fit. The review has been changed to reflect this.


Is anyone else experiecing washed out colors with the E330? I mean the colors are really bad, there is no colors! Everything is grainy and bad. Did I get defective unit perhaps?

Titanio Verde

I bought this some weeks ago. Battery and case are great, and I'm in love with its keyboard. I never felt this comfortable when typing at bed. I'm looking for a similar USB keyboard for my desktop. (Not the same as Lenovo Ultra-Slim keyboard, which I don't like at all).

At the moment I think the screen is the worst part, due to its low contrast. But you can regulate it by software, and its maximum brightness is pretty high; really higher than my previous HP Pavillion. Maybe I'm too used to smartphones with AMOLED displays...

Best regards.
Titanio Verde.


Thanks for the fantastic review, it helped me make the decision to buy this laptop.
The first few days I had this laptop the fan noise was driving me crazy. It would run most of the time (for just normal web browsing) so I was about to return it. I now installed TPfancontrol (the version which is actually meant for the E335) and it has solved the problem completely. It was the only laptop that fit my requirements (cheap, portable, matte screen etc.) so I am happy this was a solvable issue. But it would be much easier if Lenovo would just allow you to change fan settings in the BIOS!


Recently we find that the new replacement battery for Thinkpad Edge E330 is not compatible for Win 10. but  workable in other systems.

So do you have this problem? Let 's talk it.

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