Autor Thema: Eurocom debuts the Scorpius “ultra-high performance” laptop with 8GB of video memory  (Gelesen 1417 mal)


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The 17.3-inch powerhouse packs an Extreme Edition CPU, dual GPUs, 32GB of RAM and a Full HD matte display


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Trying to copy Asus' slanted-angles stealth design didn't work out so well, did it?

Message to Chinese whitebook makers:  Hire real designers, people! 

Stop letting hacks do product design!  Your stuff has been looking awful for 2 decades now.  Or did you have to sign a contract with major OEMs, that your white book products must look homely, to avoid stealing business from their more pricey branded product lines you produce for them?


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Just wanna point out, ASUS, and CLEVO (Eurocom scorpius uhp - A.k.a. CLEVO p370em) are both from TAIWAN.


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Well .,what is the rush ?
Put it simply  were in 2013.
They come up with 8 gig video .SOooo???
1998 Intel showcast 100 cores cpu and teraflop performance powerWhere all that go
I can make up with my Asus  another good 2,3 year and take it at least 1000 $ i do invest in it back in 2000
Next  time you come up with something decent  to least 100 gig  video ram 
2.5 Teraflops performance which deserve my hard worked money
and come on
$ FOR $ STORAGE  AND SOME LIKE 20 ,50  100 tera  sounds decent  laptop .
other marketing bullshit  give me a break


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