Author Topic: Lenovo now shipping IdeaPad Y580 notebooks with Ivy Bridge chips and Kepler graphics  (Read 5449 times)


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ivan gordon

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cant wait for the review

gunter gerard

  • Guest
yeah, please review notebookcheck

lancer bruce

  • Guest
the best laptop for student

fondu visker

  • Guest
cheap and reliable laptop


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Hi, please, will you review this laptop?

salleh yaakob

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james watson reeder

  • Guest
need y580 review

walter bulan

  • Guest
please review this lenovo Y580 ASAP

lagger hisler

  • Guest
wanting review of y580 since 1st of june

kelvin mccartney

  • Guest
y580 review soon

otter bluyear

  • Guest
we want the review

alan wake

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gilford santoz

  • Guest
i would love to see a review

johan lown

  • Guest
please, a review


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