Author Topic: Review HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook  (Read 3529 times)


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Review HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook
« on: May 10, 2012, 07:28:12 »
A Beautiful Accessory or Cutting-Edge Technology? The HP Envy 14 Spectre is a beautiful laptop with a price tag of $1200 USD. Many buyers will be enticed by the model's looks, but is the laptop really worth the money? We find out in the following review.


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Re: Review HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 12:38:41 »
STAY AWAY from buying it or request for a refund DUE TO NOT BEING FIT FOR PURPOSE!

Though it is an outstanding laptop which blows competitors badly from its outstanding display quality (just apply 14 inch anti-reflexive foil) to its dimensions being so well designed for 14-inch. Kills macbook pro 13 in an instance.

Reason TO STAY AWAY AND DO NOT TOUCH THIS fail by HP is that you can NOT change RAM module to increase or diagnose system memory. You have to strip the whole laptop open and remove entire logic board (and in the process disconnect everything from wifi antenas to what not) and flip it over to insert RAM memory module. What a massive design flaw by HP teams of people should have been fired for that!

Reason I successfully returned mine. What is a first thing you try when your computer goes blue-screen/unstable/faulty? You change RAM and test it. Can you do it here? YOU CAN NOT!

Stay away from this SPECTRE as there is no way to diagnose this system unless somebody rips it wide open (and damages 3 other things in the process).


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Re: Review HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2012, 21:07:51 »
Thanks for the pointing this!


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Re: Review HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2012, 07:12:00 »
This would be my last purchase from HP. Down with HP.

When i first ordere came, the power adapter has a missing DC power cable. I cannot even powered up the unit. QC manufacturing fail. Wait for 14 days to do a 1-1 exchange as i order from HP online. You have failed me HP !!!

When my 2nd unit came, it takes 243 seconds to bootup. How can that be ? With a SSD drive ? So fedup was I , I order a crucial low-voltage 1x8GB RAM PC3L-12800 (800Mhz) and rip open the unit and install the RAM. And re-assemble back. And voila !!... the bootup time reduce to less than 15 seconds. The HP ram by Micron is the culprit !! and its not even low voltage PC3L. Its a normal PC3-10600 4GB RAM.


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Re: Review HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2012, 01:35:44 »
LOL @meno, who cares, you still have warrenty. dont act like memory goes broken like every while in a year.

This is simply one of the best ultrabooks around, if not the best. Price is a bit high (probably too high) but you get one of the best looking ultrabooks, decent battery and a nice 14" panel in a 13" chassis.


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