Author Topic: The new Clevo W110ER is a sub-$1000 11.6-inch Gaming Notebook  (Read 2331 times)


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Clevo the 11.6inch gaming Netbook is on the roll of the market and may prove to be a good substitute for the Dell 11inch Alienware


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Standard trustworthy Clevo-based chasis? Definitely looking forward to the review of it! It seems even the netbook dimensions cannot stop Clevo from owning the performance market, with those upgrades, it should be a lot faster than most 1k notebooks out there.


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It's worth noting the xoticpc has it for $919 WITH the Ivy Birdge Core i7 AND 8gb of ram! 8)


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some shops have started offering the i7-3612QM as an upgrade. notably origin pc, who tend to specialize in powerful systems, has stopped offering the 3610QM and _only_ offers the 3612QM. The 3610QM is 45w, while the 3612QM is 35w. I assume that they offer it as an upgrade because it actually performs better (with th 45w part, you also have to buy a new AC adapter and apparently the system is not designed for a 45w part)... hoping notebookcheck will resolve this issue for me :)

Wu Jen

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Some of the Clevo Resellers are offering this laptop with it's maximum configuration. I.e. i7-3820qm 2.7/3.7 Ghz Quad Core Processor, 16GB (1600) Ram, Solid State drive of your choice, 650 GT (2GB DDR3 Ram). All in that itty bitty package of 11.6". Just wish it had a bit better display i.e. a 95% gamut instead of its stock 45%.

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We can confirm that the W110ER is specified for a maximum 35W CPU.
Who's selling it with 3820QM?
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there are better displays out there, the question is how to get them:  ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A-K1009X has a 11.6" WUXGA non-glare LED TFT (IPS) (1920x1080)


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