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Review Clevo P170EM Notebook
« am: Mai 01, 2012, 06:59:46 »
Let there be light! Clevo's P170EM Barebone (the base of the XMG P702) is impressive like its predecessor: lightning fast hardware, great connectivity, excellent input devices, and various upgrade and configuration possibilities. New features, such as the backlit keyboard, make the 17 inch model into an attractive packet.

Jason Clay

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Re: Review Clevo P170EM Notebook
« Antwort #1 am: Mai 13, 2012, 06:19:41 »
I find it odd that this system tested was the minimum specs possible by Clevo. While ALL of the Alienware laptops tested are with the Alienware "recommended" specs. Did anyone mention the Mx17 default monitor does not support native 1080 (you pay extra for that).Price this laptop out to the 3K the tested Mx17 cost and there is no competition what so ever. Further more the Clevo already matched or surpassed the Mx17 in all categories and they didn't have the i7 Q-core extreme , didn't touch on the MSata w/ Intel's Rapid Transfer ect , ect ,ect.The only fault found with this machine was weight and dimensions. If you are truly wanting a DRT for extreme gaming than this should not bother you. Then again if it does I'm sure Apple has an I Pad for you. Simply put this Clevo loaded is the fastest most and economical laptop available , until the Clevo 270wm releases. Sorry notebook check it seems you are partial to mainstream and not performance.


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Re: Review Clevo P170EM Notebook
« Antwort #2 am: Juli 13, 2012, 21:52:29 »
"The integrated 2.1 speaker system is an Onkyo model. The system delivers acceptable performance. Although the two speakers (above the keyboard) do not perform as well as an external speaker system, they provide good sound output for films, games and music. The maximum volume is good and thanks to the subwoofer (placed on the bottom) the laptop has decent bass."

"The co-operation with Onkyo has definitely paid off."

So there I went and paid 2k euros for one of the worst sounding laptops in human history. HORRIBLE! Not acceptable at all. My 4 year old Acer 8920 (not much of a hifi-competitor) sweeps floors with this Clevo which does not provide ANY decent bass at all. The sub in this only ruins the stereo image and makes the laptop sound right-balanced. Sound is very un-bassy, tinny and coloured throughout the audio range. The audio could be only described as ear-hurting. None of my previous laptops sounded this bad.


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Re: Review Clevo P170EM Notebook
« Antwort #3 am: September 12, 2012, 03:11:45 »
 Well, This laptop is the last in the custom gaming notebooks competition. I mean first of all the outside look of P170EM, P150EM is so cheep and no high end finish on it keyboard, trackpad and etc as it should be for an expensive machine, everything is without moderation on it and seems not centered in its place.
Second, it has weak Bios options not as it is in Alienware or MSI.. As it known a lot of problems with the new Radeon HD 7970M and no one cares about customers who supported and payed a lot of money for it.


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Re: Review Clevo P170EM Notebook
« Antwort #4 am: September 15, 2012, 14:17:20 »
I have owned a machine with the Cleo P170EM for over 6 months now,  I have become a little bit frustrated with it.  Yes it has lights and doodads,  but it also has several flaws that seem like oversights to me.  1)  If you want to mute or turn down your volume OOPS! you just put your machine to sleep because the sleep button is sandwiched between these two commonly used functions.  2)  the audio headphone jack and the DVD tray positioning is backwards of what it should be.  Due to this, the  audio jack is very tough to find in the dark,  and if you have headphones on, the wire is likely to get caught up if you open the DVD tray.  3) too few USB jacks (only 3)  4) in my particular case the SD card slot stopped working after about 1 month,  and the fingerprint reader was always spotty at best.   Overall i would not recommend this product.


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Re: Review Clevo P170EM Notebook
« Antwort #5 am: Oktober 30, 2012, 21:22:39 »
I don't think anyone with a new specced p170em is going to complain with a 680gtx and 3630qm. Buy some external speakers if the sound sux. The money you will be saving on this gaming laptop can buy many accesories.


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