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Retroarch sucks, here is the easiest and most polished way to play retro games on your Raspberry Pi 5

Started by Redaktion, March 21, 2024, 19:33:58

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Batocera has been around since 2016 but has reached a level of polish unmatched by its competitors. Great background music, boot animations and box art. Combined with the power of the Raspberry Pi 5, there's never been a more pleasing, easy or cheap way to enjoy retro games.



Roflmao. Batocera is just a fancy overlay with retroarch driving it. Sure you can use other emulators and not just use retroarch cores now, but thats not the point.


That was funny, misleading title.

As others have already explained, batocera is just front end for emulators and RetroArch is used for most of them. I actually like RecalBox much better than either RetroPie or Batocera.

LaunchBox + RetroArch on a PC are also great cobination!


Maybe you want to reflect on changing your click bait bs title as well. Retroarch doesn't suck and your skin on top of it is useless without the real brains.

This site will now be blocked with fake bs being sent out. Amazing you get corrected yet keep the same bs title. Pathetic.


Batocera doesn't just use RetroArch. It uses the best emulators and ports for your chosen hardware system. In addition it preconfigures the experience around the Emulationstation interface so you don't have to. It's a plug & play Linux OS.


batocera is not just an interface over retroarch.
this is one part.
but batocera goes really beyond this.
for example, batocera integrates hardware as nothing else : have you tried to play gun games without batocera and with batocera ?

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