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Researchers find once again young children watching too many videos negatively impacts speech development

Started by Redaktion, February 28, 2024, 09:22:55

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Researchers have found once again that when young children watch too many videos, their speech development is negatively affected. Both total vocabulary and length of utterances were reduced as hours of video viewing increased. Children in the study were between 17 and 30 months.


no proof of correlation in paper, it can just be correlated to household income.
less educated people earn less, use simpler speech at home, parent their children worse.


The level of development of a child (his neural network in his head) is established precisely in the critically important first years. That foundation (skeleton) on which it will then be possible to build up powerful intelligence - to absorb and systematize knowledge in the future.

Therefore, children who are not seriously engaged in the first 5-8 years, then significantly lose to more successful peers, with parents who are more understanding of the criticality of this moment. That is why, more intellectually developed people in all countries (who were also lucky with their more persistent parents and immediate environment, once in the past), postpone the birth of children until a later date - until they have secured enough free time and resources for quality raise children during these critically important first 7 years. And preferably by completely isolating the child from public education systems.

And those who multiply thoughtlessly and most often are those who do not particularly care about the quality of the child's education (especially when there are 3-5 of them) and where relying on a child is the only means of subsistence in old age, due to an extremely primitive society and civil, social institutions for supporting the elderly. Well, or those who received a large inheritance.

And as shown here ( 1% of the rich earned 2 times more in 2 years than 99% of the world's population.

And neural network expert systems, available only to the rich in the coolest versions, will further increase social inequality in the near future.

The middle class is disappearing everywhere. The environment for the birth and reproduction of a wide layer of well-educated people is also disappearing. A world of beggars awaits the majority...


Quote from: NikoB on February 28, 2024, 11:17:33The level of development of a child (his neural network in his head) is established precisely in the critically important first years.
so what went wrong in your first years lol

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