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Intel, Cadence strengthen collaboration to accelerate SoC design on cutting-edge 18A process nodes and beyond

Started by Redaktion, February 21, 2024, 18:21:18

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Intel Foundry Services (IFS) and Cadence Design Systems Inc. have announced a partnership to develop customized IP and optimization techniques for Intel's 18A process technology, aiming to streamline SoC projects. This collaboration targets AI, HPC, and mobile computing segments, aiming towards enhancing performance and power efficiency.


I remember Intel promised a transition to 10nm by 2016...)))

TSMC does not stand still. If it is not artificially slowed down (and this is what everything is heading towards), and also by forcing it to scatter its forces with direct political orders, which we are already seeing in reality, then Intel has no chance against TSMC.

And where is the real market competition if the US government is playing on Intel's side?


In a real market struggle without artificial restrictions, Intel would definitely be bankrupt by 2030, if not earlier. Yes, in fact, if it weren't for all this geopolitical mouse fuss, they would be bankrupt by 2026.

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