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Cybertruck launch delayed by battery range and stainless steel bodyweight challenges

Started by Redaktion, October 13, 2023, 20:40:19

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While Tesla just announced its 20 millionth 4680 battery cell produced at Giga Texas, range challenges might have been behind the launch delay of the Cybertruck equipped with such cells. The first Cybertruck deliveries were supposed to start back in September.

Marc Mullen

This article is complete fantasy. Tesla never said the glass would be bullet proof! They said it would be tougher than normal auto glass.

Also, the claim that Tesla didn't know how much the stainless steel would weigh is laughable. You need to remember, advanced engineering is one of Tesla's strong points, one of the first things they would have done is calculate the weight of the stainless steel. There is zero room for surprises there.

But nice try at throwing shade at Tesla for things that have nothing to do with Tesla!


Have you followed this at all?  They had issues with crash testing and had to change a lot of stuff to pass.  All that weighing and measuring changed often enough that their early "measurements and weights" you say were not the same..


Exactly!  People forget that Tesla is constructed from Engineers.  And if my 11th grade engineer wannabe can spout off the molecular weight of a random ion then Tesla engineers have definitely made thought into this.


Surely they can just lie and add 30% to the range like they do with all of their other models, right? Or is the range so bad that they can't even get there with inflating the numbers like they already do?


It always makes me laugh when the article author invents false talking points. Never once in the unveil event or after did Tesla or Elon state the glass was bulletproof. The stainless was explained and shown to resist a 9mm round. The glass was shown as tougher than normal glass. Which even though it cracked, the steel ball didn't end up in the vehicle, like it would have if thrown at an F150 side window. Do a little homework before you write an article.


Oh, com on! Everyone is splitting hairs on the "did he or did he not say the windows will be bulletproof". Must said 'car' will be bulletproof and will have armored windows. Everyone inferred that windows will be bulletproof. Those 'armored' windows (bulletproof or not) are not in the cards for now so it's a moot point.
Also, both points can be true at the same time: Tesla engineers can calculate the total weight during the design phase. And down to a single gram most likely. But if the design itself changes and they need to add stuff to increase safety/durability/features then the end product will gain weight.


He said the body would be bulletproof to a 9mm pistol round, not the windows. No one cares, anyway, so why keep bringing it up? You plan on using it for gang warfare? None of these issues are the problem, anyway. This article is a click-bait hit piece. Dog on Tesla, you get clicks. The delays are very basic manufacturing ones. This truck is a first-off — no one has ever built a truck out of stainless before — so it will be a slow ramp. Lots of equipment is built out of stainless, but it will take some time to work through the bugs on this truck. So, it goes into production in September or January. Big deal. In a few months, no one will care. They'll be click-baiting some other "problem."

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