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AMD's RX 7900 XT cards allegedly support unannounced DisplayPort 2.1 connectors

Started by Redaktion, October 13, 2022, 19:02:15

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8K displays are barely a thing right now, and 16K is clearly far away, but there is no doubt that the DisplyPort 1.4 standard is not enough for full chroma resolution, especially on ultra-wide monitors. While Nvidia seems reluctant to make the jump to DP 2.0, AMD is now rumored to introduce unannounced DP 2.1 connectors on the upcoming Radeon RX 7000 series.


It could be a rebrand of DisplayPort 2.0 where you are guaranteed the full 77.37 Gb/s using UHBR 20. By contrast, Rembrandt and Ryzen 7000 iGPU support DisplayPort 2.0 but only up to UHBR 10, which is 38.69 Gb/s.


QuoteDP 2.0 offers 77.37 Gb/s that can support a 16K display with 60 Hz refresh rate, two 4K displays @ 144 Hz or three 4K displays @ 90 Hz. HDMI 2.1, in comparison, offers 48 Gb/s with a maximum supported spec of 10K @ 120 Hz
It's not true. DP2.0 in full bandwitdh support lossless 8k@36bit/60Hz. 16K need minimum 192Gbps data bandwitdh for only poor and obsolete 60Hz@24bits (it shame even for 4k need minimum 36 bit in dynamic scenes for eliminate all bandings)

QuoteDP 1.4 is inferior to HDMI 2.1 since it offers 32 Gb/s bandwidth with support for 8K @ 60 Hz or 4K @ 120 Hz (without Display Compression Streaming).
It 100% lie. Minimal bandwith for 8k@60Hz@24bit 4:4:4 (lossless) is 48Gbps (useful data, without service data). HDMI 2.1 NOT support lossless 8k too.

DP2.0 with UHBR20 lane mode (4 lanes minimum) - is minimal requirement for lossless 8k resolution in minimal 60Hz and minimal 24 bit color depth.

It shame for all IT industry tire DP2.0 support for 3 years!

Minimal throughput for RAM is 100Gbyte/s for igpus for good(without lags) 8k monitor support. GPU support 8k for minimum 10 years by fast GDDR memory. First gpu with 100GByte/s ram throughput appeared 14 years (2008) ago, but then the computer processors themselves were still too weak to process such streams over system RAM, and now they will do it with high load and probable lags.

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