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Author Topic: MSI justifies keeping people in the dark about NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPU wattages, despite there being up to 70 W TGP differences between RTX 3080 cards  (Read 1023 times)


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MSI has defended its decision to omit GPU wattages from its new NVIDIA GeForce 30 series gaming laptops, despite the considerable differences in performance between some GPUs of the same name. Apparently, MSI believes that it would be unable to inform people that one RTX 3080 GPU has an 80 W TGP, while another has a 150 W TGP. Its justification has left us unconvinced, though.


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Keep pushing and boycotting them.

If they don't disclose, we must assume the wattage is low, and wait until reviews come out.

Either way MSI, Acer, Gigabyte are brands you can easily replace with Lenovo and Asus as the latter 2 have full AMD Ryzen 5000 commitment to their gaming lineup.


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MSI isn't exactly well known for its correctness, weren't they the ones who were found scalping (by "mistake", of course) their own GPUs on Ebay through their Starlit Partner? After that you can expect this and worse.

dude what

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Shameful behavior from MSI, worth boycotting all the way

Joe N

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Even if you don't boycott per se, no sane person would buy before reviews confirm the TGP


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And  the real fans of MSI laptops will move on to better choices.
Big mistake and they will loose many sales.
If they want to play this stupid game , screw them.

Grinnie Jax

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MSI is telling us complete nonsense. No, it's not difficult telling the exact wattage of the card - that parameter is set by them. If it's so difficult - why the newcomer in the laptop market, XPG, are doing this easily? They just want to play NVIDIA scam game making things more complicated to the customers, creating a complete mess when 3060 in one laptop beats 3080 in another laptop, 3070 in one laptop beats 3080 and falls short of 2070 in another laptop, etc, etc. ScamVIDIA and their "partners" have been fooling people for quite a time already, now they just want to make one step further and make choosing and comparing laptops a complete nightmare.


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Apparently, it is not at all confusing to throw dozens of non sense terminology at product description but very confusing to write TWP: *** W. 👏👏👏


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Eluktronics is also explicitly stating GPU power limits on their product webpages. E.g. for Max-17; 3060 (Max-P TDP: 90~115 Watts, OC Options: Up to 130 Watts with Dynamic Boost*), 3070 (Max-P TDP: 115 Watts, OC Options: TGP Adjustable up to 125 Watts + 15 Watts via Dynamic Boost for a maximum of 140 Watts*) and 3080 (Max-P TDP: 115 Watts, OC Options: TGP Adjustable up to 125 Watts + 15 Watts via Dynamic Boost for a maximum of 140 Watts!*) and so on for other products. That is the way it should be


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Thank you very much for this reporting!. Please keep reporting on it and pushing back on these manufacturers. They are trying to SCAM unknowing consumers who do not know the difference and this is WRONG.


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I am justified to never consider a MSI product then.


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When there is such a wide range of values, the only thing consumers can do is vote with their wallets, if the oem won't tell us then don't buy from that oem and if others are out of stock, just wait for them.


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Very shady and disappointing to say the least.

People should have a minimum of information when buying a configuration that sometimes cost 3000+ Eur/usd without having to beg MSI...

80W 3080 is a 3080 only by its name..Nvidia should have given less freedom for the OEM since they are confusing everyone including their own representatives.

If they are happy with the backlash, the low/medium quality 3000$ laptops and the sales...good for them, for me, for the first time in 11 years I will  build a desktop PC, maybe a mini-itx because laptops became confusing, prone to throttling, expensive whilst still using crappy plastics, bad thermal paste, cheap li-po batteries etc...they never learn.

Only the modern Razer blade seem to introduce some quality in the barebone (sadly not their battery..)


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MSI has never been a shining beacon of transparency, but this is a new low.

Sportbike Mike

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I love my GS63 but it seems like rver decision MSI has made since building that device just pushes me further away from them.  I think this is the decision that ensures I buy my next power laptop from someone else.


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