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Author Topic: NVIDIA u-turns on its decision to block Hardware Unboxed from receiving GPU review units  (Read 1236 times)


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Much was made of NVIDIA's apparent decision to block Hardware Unboxed from having access to GPU review samples. The company has already done an about-turn on the matter though, possibly because of the outcry from reviewers and fans.


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What a stupid move to simultaneously show why Nvidia can not handle a leadership position and p*** off the entire hardware enthusiast community. Well done Nvidia! DLSS is cool but it seems like no amount of deep learning is present here.


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If you haven't watched Linus discuss this, check it out, he gives NVidia an exceptionally well deserved wake up call. Seems like NVidia has learned its behaviour from some autocratic super powers who will go unnamed. Classic narcissistic bullying behaviour.


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nGreedia are too hasty to ban people, while if I'm not mistaken, Linus said in his Wan talks, HUB already working on reviewing RT and DLSS 2.0..just waiting to release the deep dive into those 2 features of nGreedia cards(which is HUB said DLSS 2.0 should be on by default by geforce users because of how good it is for gamers)..then got slap before the content even finished and released yet.. F you nGreedia..trying to force reviewers media as your marketing media isn't? Because you wants reviewers only talks about what you wanted to..


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Linus is right. This is telltale of a whole lot more. Imagine what they are not saying since this is just sugarcoated PR BS. Damage is done, because Nvidia revealed itself as who it really is, not because of a once-off whoopsie. To truly recover from the damage, Nvidia needs to build trust and relationships again, which is unlikely as they will most likely presume no wrongdoing and PR the s*** out of all things.

Peter McLean

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Linus?? Seriously has everyone forgot his 8K gaming video in which he was a complete and total schill for Nvidia?!?!??¿??!
He was completely happy to accept the 3090's and 8K TV from Nvidia and lie to the world.

Linus is the opposite of Hardware Unboxed and GamersNexus. The only reason he's making content about this contraversy is because he knows it will get him views.
I used to be one linus' biggest fans but now I discourage everyone I can from watching or supporting linus.
GamersNexus is the most honest straight forward reviewer/youtuber.


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Linus has his biases and flaws and the point of democracy and independent journalism is to put bias against bias and paint a complete picture. Linus is right on this account and pointed out many of the implications of Nvidia's action. Nevermind his name, examine his message.


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Linus?? Seriously has everyone forgot his 8K gaming video in which he was a complete and total schill for Nvidia?!?!??¿??!
He was completely happy to accept the 3090's and 8K TV from Nvidia and lie to the world.

It was a sponsored video, clearly marked as such. And he didn't say  anything outlandish like you could do it in any game, he used a set of games and clearly showed the specs he was told to run them at (like death stranding not maxing out anything). It was a paid video, obviously he would be chilling a bit on that and anyone is able to see it for what it is.

He also did a review of the card later on where there was no nvidia control, and where he s*** talks nvidia calls them out on their bullshit for outlandish claims and for locking driver and hardware pathways that would be useful for entusiasts and aspiring professionals to "protect" and segmet their enterprise offerings.

I'm fine with both pieces of content, one is a complete biased video paid by nvidia, the other the honest opinion, and i can also watch other outlets like gamers nexus which has an awesome piece on the 3090 (the accept the bribe part was pretty genius)

Peter McLean

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Linus has other schill videos, and he was one that worst for click bait titles and thumbnails.
Yes he has come out after she of the schill videos and speaks the truth. Maybe he has read some of my comments and emails to him and his staff detailing how disgusted I am with the direction he has taken his channels and influence.


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Always bear in mind that for every time Nvidia gets publicly exposed for this kind of passive-aggressive bullying, there are more than likely a few more where it wasn't highlighted and/or perceived as such.

Much like Trump and his stupid failed coup, a failure to achieve the desired result shouldn't stand in the way of them facing consequences for the fact that it was even attempted.


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