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Author Topic: The Amazfit X gets a final release announcement amid a deluge of dissatisfaction from its Indiegogo backers  (Read 628 times)


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The Amazfit X is a fitness band-like device that purports to improve on this form factor with a curved screen. Its maker Huami has confirmed that it will be available at its final retail price in the fourth quarter of 2020. However, its units from preceding crowdfunding campaigns have reportedly run into difficulty.

Chris Page

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I am pleased that finally there is an article highlighting issues, it has been a  frustrating start, delivery issues appear to continue and problems relate to technology that is long established and established with this manufacturer.

I am hearing noises relating to improvements for the software but it is slow and we are told that the support team have been overwhelmed, the contact I have is intermittent but I have contact and there appears to be effort to investigate.

I do get the impression that this hasn't been as thoroughly tested as might be desired and they haven't really thought fully about usability (eg there is schedule function where I can manually add entries to the App but cannot sync with any of the normal scheduling staples like Google Calender or MS Outlook). I did see that someone suggested the manufacturing facility isn't able to meet the normal quality standards expected which might explain variability.

To be honest I don't care, the device is a thing of beauty and I desperately hope it becomes a thing of beauty worth keeping, there is progress, I have had mine for 2 weeks today and I have seen two updates but I don't know what those updates actually contain and I think Huami could alleviate a lot of annoyance with positive communication that can be relied on.

Chris Page

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Huami are being totally unresponsive and 3 weeks in the net effect oI have is a worsened battery life, just manages 4 days without any gps use (becasue the gps doesnt work) so I have raised a support call with Indiegogo to see if they might ask Huami to take some action.


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I have one of the Amazfit X watches and have found that none of the fitness functions work propertly.  I race triathlons and have used other trackers in the past to monitor training so am very familiar what what a decent tracker is supposed to be able to do.  This watch is beautiful to look at but fails as a functional watch for me.  I am holding onto it in the hopes that future updates will fix this but at this point, it doesn't even properly monitor heart rate on bike rides!


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It's been a very disappointing experience.  I'm holding out hope firmware updates will resolve in the future.

Brian Gorman

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Count your blessings. At least you people got a watch. Mine was dumped with the postal system in Eastern Canada (weird considering that I live in Western Canada and the watch was shipped from Hong Kong) a month and a half ago and I have no way to track it and the courier’s website is entirely in Chinese characters.
These people are either supernaturally inept or liars. I’d avoid them completely in the future.


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