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The ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3080 OC is the fastest RTX 3080 around and clocks 13% higher than the Founders Edition

Started by Redaktion, September 21, 2020, 14:51:57

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ASUS has finally announced the clock speeds of the ROG STRIX RTX 3080 OC, over two weeks after the card's announcement. The ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3080 OC tops out at 1,935 MHz, making it the fastest RTX 3080 that has been announced so far. Rumour has it that 20 GB editions of the RTX 3080 will have higher clock speeds, though.


Its the fastest for now. All class releases Zotac has had the fastest top end cards. So if you want the fastest card you will have to wait a little till they drop the Zotac rtx 3080 amp extreme. Plus they Come with 5 years warranty


Title is misleading.

All RTX 3080 cards boost past 1900Mhz, even though they are stated to boost around 1700Mhz in the specifications.  The Strix, just says its boost is a lot higher, as baked into the vBIOS; does not mean, that it is the fastest. 

All the RTX 3080's are capping out at a max OC of 3% (below or at 2Ghz), at near 400W power consumption.  It has been shown, that you can attain above 1800Mhz speeds, by under-volting to as low as 850mV, and drop power consumption by almost 50W.

As per reviews, Asus TUF RTX 3080 is coming in at 10c lower than other 3080 cards, and Strix is going to have to top the TUF card, at a higher price tag.  TUF is last years Strix model, and we will soon find out, what the new Strix model brings to the table.


Given that Zotac currently has the worst 3080 out right now, and admitted to purposely making it worse than the FE, there is little reason to have any trust in them.


I just want to know if the price is actually $849 like sites have been suggesting. Cause that is a huge premium


According to an Asus marketing rep on FB, ROG Strix OC 3080 should be out in the week of the 28th.

He's done two streams on a FB group called 'Asus PC DIY Group'.


What am I missing here? My FE can regularly hit and hold boost clocks of 2010-2055. In fact, I see tons of people with different cards from different AIBs hitting these numbers.


This is a weird way of looking at it when half the other high end aibs haven't been announced. Strix is the highest clocked card right now because it is competing mostly with the entry level cards.


lol .... relly O_o you can't buy the 3080 starter cards yet and better versions with 20GB VRAM and faster clocks are already announced?
In fact, it was a forced premiere to lock out hardcore gamers for a month or even 5-6 weeks without equipment after pre-orders. As I understand, pre-orders are bought before the official premiere and after the premiere, the previously produced goods are shipped. Nvidia, probably not entirely sure of success, wanted to first gather a sufficient pool of customers to produce chips from these funds.

R1 Fast

"Fastest" is a relative and really, somewhat misleading term.  This is just the 'out of the box' clock speed that the manufs will support/ship them with.  literally ANY 3080 can maintain over 2ghz with the right cooling.

Majority of consumers are just uneducated around overclocking, using tools like afterburner etc. to achieve a stable clock.

I personally am using a 3080 FE and will put it on an alphacool block once they're released.  2 - 2.1ghz all day and for less price WITH a waterblock than a Strix OC. 

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