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Firefox 75 includes telemetry that sends data about your default browser settings to Mozilla every day

Started by Redaktion, April 09, 2020, 16:54:02

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The latest version of Firefox for Windows, Firefox 75, includes a default telemetry practice that sends users' default browser settings to Mozilla once a day. The data is sent via a Windows scheduled task. While disabling this telemetry is relatively simple, the fact that it is enabled by default is concerning for privacy-minded individuals.


The telemetry task is not installed on my machine. I think it might install on new users or those who opt into telemetry but it is not installing or creating telemetry for users.

Please update this post, it's misleading.


I went to check my settings and version as I saw this article.

I had the "Allow Firefox to send..." boxes unchecked and was version 74.0.1 (64-bit) as shown by the About screen, which also let me know that it downloaded an update that would install after restart.

I also notice my firewall (WFC with the windows built-in firewall) always blocks an attempt by a certain maintenanceservice.exe in the Firefox directory to connect to the internet whenever Firefox updates. It blocked this attempt this time, as well.

After restarting Firefox, it was updated to 75.0. The "Allow Firefox to send..." boxes were still unchecked... so okay so far.

I didn't actually think to check Task Scheduler before the update, but I did check afterward and I do see a Mozilla task despite those boxes being unchecked! It will next run exactly 24 hours after I restarted Firefox (so 23 hours 50 minutes as of now) and the Last Run Result is "The task has not yet run. (0x41303)." The only Action is to start "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\default-browser-agent.exe do-task"

I don't like this. I am going to delete this scheduled task and will check if it comes back and will keep an eye out for "default-browser-agent.exe" attempting to connect to the network.

Sam Medley

Article author here.
Re: JJ - Which version of Firefox are you on?
Re: A - no, it's not crucial personal information. But there's no reason that Mozilla needs to know what your default browser is. As the article implies, things like this are the first steps to full on data harvesting.
Re: anon - That's the task that reports it. Please leave a comment to let us know whether or not the task comes back.


@Sam Medley - I think you are jumping a few hoops. More than likely what Mozilla wants to know is things like why you are switching to/away from FireFox. For example, if they implement a new version and you switch, or a competitor releases a new feature and you switch.

It's hardly the first step to full on data harvesting. That's like saying hunting deer with a gun is the 1st step to hunting humans with a gun. It isn't.

FireFox is no stranger to collecting data to improve their product, and you can opt out of telemetry if it worries you which will also prevent this.


Just out of curiosity, what is the OS the author of this article is using?

From Mozilla:

  • We'll respect user configured telemetry opt-out settings by looking at the most recently used Firefox profile.
  • We'll respect custom Enterprise telemetry related policy settings if they exist. We'll also respect policy to specifically disable this task.

I would be very happy if Windows 10 just did that, instead of ignoring settings (or even group policies) as it pleases, just because there is a fineprint in the EULA that states everything is dependent on the type of your current Windows license (regardless of your consent -- or lack of thereof).

It's not that I don't understand the concerns, but it is hard to take someone seriously when their outrage is about something they are already fine with in a much more severe way (i.e., their OS holds the keys to their data kingdom).


This is really disappointing reportage. I've been noticing a lot of alarmist click bait articles recently. If this continues I might just decide to visit this website much less.

I am always updated with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. The said options are as follows:

"Firefox Data Collection and Use
We strive to provide you with choices and collect only what we need to provide and improve Firefox for everyone. We always ask permission before receiving personal information. Privacy Notice
Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla
Learn more
Allow Firefox to make personalized extension recommendations
Learn more
Allow Firefox to install and run studies
View Firefox studies
Allow Firefox to send backlogged crash reports on your behalf"

On my Firefox v75, they have been unchecked since time immemorial and with the updates, they have REMAINED UNCHECKED. This article just wasted my bloody time checking the settings.

Also there are no scheduled tasks or other unknown tasks running.

Worse, this article bad mouths the ONLY MAJOR WEB BROWSER that is OPEN SOURCED! It is the only web browser you can trust which performs as well if not better than Chromium based ones like Chrome, Edge, Opera and everything else which are far far worse!

Giving you the option to opt out is already fair enough. The fact is that at least there are no spying code in Firefox that is found in Chromium!

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