Author Topic: Acer updates its Aspire ultrabook  (Read 785 times)


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Acer updates its Aspire ultrabook
« on: June 05, 2012, 07:05:41 »
Acer displays an impressive successor to its ultrabook lineup at Computex 2012.


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Re: Acer updates its Aspire ultrabook
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 11:03:38 »
After having had a play around with Windows 8 on a non-touchscreen laptop I'd personally say that having a touchscreen for using the Metro UI will be a necessity, as it quickly becomes a chore when using a touchpad/trackpad.

As for the Ultrabook itself - it appears to have quite a lovely understated look about it.  If you're showing off new/future products to the world though Acer, you might want to avoid letting apparent manufacturing defects get through the cracks (picture 1: the hinge).


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